MMS & Parasite Control…

If you know of someone, or you yourself are having a bad case of parasites, you have to seek immediate cure to it in order to get rid of them before you end up emaciated from all the drained nutrients. Having to deal with parasites pose a serious threat to one’s health, let alone a person’s emotional and mental aspects as well. It’s not something you wake up Bacteria is No Match for the MMS like a terrible hangover because parasites take away all the nutrients that your body needs. You’ll end up sickly, rail-thin, and left with that icky feeling that something lives inside of you that makes you feel like a cootie in the face of the earth.

Aside from anti-parasitic agents that are so potent that they pose grave threats to one’s kidneys; more and more people are starting to turn to other safer alternative modalities. One of them is by taking MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplements. Check out this UK based website on the MMS supplement at – they provide aq good selection of options, & you will not be disappointed.This is a nutrient supplement that supplies the body with the right amount of nutrients in case you’re lacking them. Most parasites would take away the most important nutrients that your body needs so this one is deemed to be an effective cure.

But of course, just like any medicine that you take, you have to take extra precautions in order to be safe.  As for MMS, widely known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement, it works wonders for the body just like how a water purifier passes through a filtration system. Most people would contest about this remedy since that’s what antibiotics are manufactured for. The very difference that an antibiotic has from MMS is that you can only use antibiotics once. After some time that you’re using it, your body will be immune to its effects, lessening the therapeutic window of the drug. MMS has none of that.

Most people wouldn’t want that because when you take medication preparations, you have an innate tendency to desire only for the good, comforting, therapeutic effects of the drug. pathogen-mmsAs for antibiotics or anti-parasitic drugs, all you want is to eliminate all the harmful and debilitating microorganisms from your body, no more, no less.

So in truth, miracle mineral supplement is not exactly a cure for parasites or infections. But you can use it as an adjunct to your other supplements and other medications to help rid the body of impurities and of course, parasites. When you suspect the presence of parasites in your body, the very first thing that you need to do is to seek the advice of a medical professional.

You never know what will happen to you if you delay consultation any longer. And of course, physicians are licensed to treat or alleviate the effects of your illness. Try not to seek refuge on home remedies when you find out that you have flukes or worms. You can also take the miracle mineral supplement under medical supervision.


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Miracle Mineral MMS

The MMS Supplement

The MMS product is a substance that has been around for a little while now, & it initially
was discovered by a man called Jim Humble whilst on a survey with clients searching
for precious metals. As the group were in an area that is frequented by the Malaria parasite.

Most of us out there will know that countless thousands of people each year die from thisMiracle Mineral MMS
particularly deadly parasite, & there are in fact a few different types of the parasite, each that have different levels of severity.

The reason this parasite is so deadly is that it lurks on the liver after infecting the host, in which it will then enter the blood stream progressively over time, but often drugs will not treat the condition very well because when the parasite is residing the liver, it makes it very difficult to treat. Anyways, there is a product called the miracle mineral supplement, which has an active component of chlorine dioxide.

The chlorine dioxide is a special molecule because what it does is systematically destroy all types of pathogens. It achieves this by having the ability to electrostatically destroy the molecular construction of the pathology in question – whilst leaving the healthy cells within the body free of attack. This is truly unique, as virtually ALL pharmaceutical compounds out there will destroy both good healthy tissue, & also the unhealthy tissue as well. So it comes down to drastically effecting the health of the individual in the process of attempting to clean the host of the disease. If you want to see what the detractors have to say about this product read

MMS SupplementThe miracle mineral solution has gained somewhat of a cult following, & has both its supporters & also its detractors. The detractors are mainly people out there with special interests, such as reps for the FDA or other pharmaceutical companies. The reason for this is because the MMS compound works, & works well.

Unfortunately with any new substance out there that works & threatens the health industry & the much important monopoly on the disease market are systematically shut down – or at least they really try hard to make this happen. The thing is though the MMS supplement has helped so many people out there that it is becoming increasingly difficult to vilify this product because it has helped so many people – whilst having very few side effects. This is why there has been such a heavy resourced campaign out there targeted towards this product by the big boys.

In my experience over the years, we have sold countless units of the MSM product, & at the point of writing this article & beginning this site – I have yet to hear of any truly adverse side effects, let alone anyone dying from using the product. I would suggest trying some of the miracle mineral MMS product at the link mentioned further down. There is now a MMS alternative called the CDS product, which is even better tollerated than the well known MMS formulation. One such source of information is at

Also, there are MANY new protocols developed for both the miracle mineral supplement & the MMS1 & MMS2 products now – so using the products has become even more simple than ever before. If you need some advice on using these powerful products, then there is an enormous body of information out there now, so just do a simple google search & you will be fine.